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Comprehensive Background Check

MARKHAM INVESTIGATIONS, LLC in Spring, Texas, offers credible employment background and/or accurate credit investigative services.  This service is possible as long as we have the potential employee’s permission for the employment background check, and that we comply with the National Credit Act's policies. Many business owners have used our services to screen future business partners, and we've also had parents as clients asking us to check on who their child is dating.

Accident Investigation

Get the necessary information regarding a vehicular accident with our through accident investigation services. Our investigators are trained to accurately determine and calculate the speed, distance, and time of the motor accident. Our licensed and professional investigators are also experienced in interpreting:

• Critical Curve Speed
• Skid Marks
• Drag
• Road Surface
• Yaw
• Distance to Stop
• Crush Data

Comprehensive Accident Investigation Services

MARKHAM INVESTIGATIONS, LLC offers complete information about the entire event. Along with the accident-related data, we also provide:

• Black Box Data Retrieval
  or Interpretation
• Detailed Accident Scene Diagrams
• Comprehensive Written Report
• Spanish-Speaking Investigators
• Expert Testimony at Trial
Car with Tree on Top - Background Check

Civil Investigation

Civil disputes involve bankruptcy, child custody, divorce, real estate, estate probate, and general business issues. We gather information and review local and national county records to investigate civil cases.

Criminal Investigation

Allow us to assist you on your criminal investigation. We have been a part of more than 1,000 criminal cases within the Harris, Galveston and Montgomery Counties and local Federal Criminal Court Systems.

Fraud Investigation

Protect your company from fraud and/or theft by letting our trained investigators and undercover agents check your corporate and financial reports, as well as be on the scene to investigate what is happening within your business. As required, we also consult with Certified Public Accountant's and attorney's to ensure your company's legal status.

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